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Life’s meant to be spent with friends…


  • Waiting In Line

  • Fighting For Attention

  • Shouting To Order

  • Dealing With Cash

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Stop guessing what the bar has on the menu. Discover club specials, promotions and populars.

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Skip the line

The best moments in life happen unexpectedly. Waiting for your order shouldn't take away from those precious moments.

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Order wherever you are, and get ahead of the line. Show your code at the Flow pickup station and receive your drink.


Sitting down? Order your food and drinks and get them delivered to your table. Order what you want when you want.

Pay without hassle

Add orders to your tab throughout the night.When you are ready leave the club and never worry about closing tabs, dealing with cash or handling credit cards.

As safe as Uber, Netflix and Spotify

We use the same payment processor as Uber, Netflix and Spotify. All your sensitive information is stored on PCI DSS compliant servers to ensure maximum security.

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